Ландшафт, ноды, ресурсы

В игре 15 типов местности из них 3 источника. 11 различных ресурсов и 6 специальных локаций, в первой таблице описывается местность, во второй ресурсы и локации.

Тип местности Изображение Очки ходов Пища Золото Производство
Chaos Node 3 0 0 0
Desert 1 0 0 +3%
Forest 2 0,5 0 +3%
Grassland 1 1,5 0 0
Hills 2 0,5 0 +3%
Mouth of a river 2 2 +30% 0
Mountain 3 0 0 +5%
Nature Node 2 0,5 0 +3%
Ocean 1 0 0 0
River 2 2 +20% 0
Sorcery Node 2 1 0 0
Swamp 3 0,5 0 0
Shores 1 0 +10% 0
Tundra 2 0 0 0
Volcano 3 0 0 0


Тип местности Изображение Стоимость строительства войск Золото Мана Описание
Adamantium     +2 Если в городе есть Alchemist’s guild, все новые войска получают адамантовое оружие: +2 к рукопашной атаке и защите; Адамантиум можно найти только в горах Муррона.
Ancient Ruins       Monster lair**
Ancient Temples       Monster lair**
Ancient Temples       Monster lair**
Cave       Monster lair**
Coal -10%*      
Crysx Crystals     +5 Only found in deserts on Myrror
Gems   +5    
Gold Ore   +3    
Iron Ore -5%*      
Mithril Ore     +1 If city has an alchemist’s guild, all new units get magical mithril weapons with +1 attack strength and defense bonuses; mithril is found in hills and mountains
Nightshade       Cities with shrines, sage’s guilds or animist’s guilds (or their replacement buildings) use nightshade to automatically cast dispel magic against all city enchantments and global spells directed against the city every turn; each nightshade has a separate chance to dispel negative enchantments every turn
Quork Crystals     +3 Only found in deserts
Silver Ore   +2    
Towers of Wizardry       Allow planar travel for all units in the tower (use the plane button to shift planes) **
Underground Lairs       Monster lair**
Wild Game       + 2 Food (both to total and to maximum production)

* Applies only to normal units except for magicians, priests, shamans and warlocks. The bonus is cumulative for multiple iron ore and coal deposits up to a maximum reduction in cost of 50%. Does not affect costs of buildings.
** First time capture of these structures generally requires fighting guardian creatures and yields treasures! Treasures include artifacts, gold, imprisoned heroes, magic power (found as mana crystals), maps, spell picks (as if you had chosen an extra rank or special ability when creating your wizard) and spells. For towers of wizardry, one of the treasures is always a spell.
*** Magic power from nodes can only be harnessed by guardian or magic spirits that meld with the nodes. Once a node has been captured, the magical area around the node shows an aura of the controlling wizard’s banner-color.